Our Promise

🦁Exclusive One-Cat-At-A-Time Grooming: Where Your Cat Reigns Supreme!🦁

To ensure a stress-free and focused grooming experience for your furry family member, we groom ONLY one cat or siblings from the same family at a time. This allows us to give your cat our undivided attention and minimise any distractions from unfamiliar felines. Do book your slots earlier and thank you for helping us maintain a calm and serene environment for all our feline clients!

Transparent & Attractive Pricing

All our pricing are flat and do not have any extra or hidden charges. Extra costs will be notified upfront and will only proceed with confirmation.

Clean & Sanitised Cat-Only Studio

Our equipments are thoroughly sanitised with veterinary grade disinfectant in between customers. We also sanitise our studio before and after closing.

Genuine Recommendations

We only recommend services that are genuinely beneficial for your beloved feline. A true cat lover know that shaving or frequent bathing may not be necessary. Explore our carefully curated CP Maintenance Package for the tailored care your cat truly deserves.

Our Services

Deshedding/Undercoat Removal

🐈 Benefit 1: Less Shedding, More Cuddling

🌿 Benefit 2: Healthier Skin & Coat
Regular deshedding promotes healthy skin, reduces the risk of matting, and minimizes those pesky hairballs. Your cat's coat will thank you! 💆‍♀️🐱

Cat Spa

🐾💆‍♂️ Benefit : Healthier Coat

Occasional Spa sessions will help to reduce presence of dandruff, dust and dirt in their coat. By using premium grade products for our spa sessions, it will also help to nourish and repair their fur.

🌟 Elevate your cat's grooming experience with our Exclusive Maintenance Package!

🌿✨ Enjoy 10 sessions tailored to meet all your cat's needs, and we're adding 2 FREE spa treatments for that extra pampering touch. 🐾💆‍♂️

🚗💖 Plus, we're throwing in FREE pet transport because we believe grooming should be affordable, convenient, and designed for ultimate feline well-being.

🎁🐱 Secure your cat's spot in the lap of luxury!

Grooming FAQs

Tell me about your Grooming Studio

Our studio is equipped with calming pheromones and soft music to provide a calm and chill environment for the cats. We use quality grooming tools and equipment to provide a enjoyable experience for your cat.

How long does your grooming session last ?

Our grooming session may take between half an hour to 4 hours depending on the service rendered. In order to make the entire grooming experience a comfortable one and pleasant one, we will not rush any grooming session.

Do you all accept Walk-ins for grooming ?

Currently we do not accept walk-ins for grooming services. Do drop us a whatsapp or call us to make a booking before heading over to our cat salon.

How do i make a booking ?

Whatsapp or Call us over the phone +6580660867. Available daily from 9 AM – 6 PM, excluding public holidays

What do i need to prepare for Pet Transport ?

We will drop you a call or message prior to their Pick-Up time from 10 AM to 3 PM.

You will be required to provide your own hard transport carrier for the journey, lined with a pee-pad.

Drop-off is between the 3 PM to 7 PM. Waiting charges will apply at $10 per 10 min block.

Please be contactable during these time windows, and liaise with our driver to bring kitty down / pick kitty up at the designated drop-off point for a seamless trip to the salon and home.

Failure to pick-up/drop-off your cat timely will result in your appointment being cancelled and the $40 deposit will be forfeited.

When to start grooming for my cat ?

We highly recommend that you begin introducing grooming when they are still kitten, to bring up a well-mannered, well-adjusted cat. This is especially important if you have a long fur cat.

Things like brushing and nail clipping helps to maintain a healthy and happy cat.

Do you groom aggressive cat ?

For the safety of both our feline clients and our staff, we do not provide grooming services for cats displaying aggressive tendencies. If aggression is observed during a session, services will be discontinued. In such cases where pet transport has been provided, a $25 transport fee will apply. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.