Benefits of joining our membership

  • Earn points that enable you to enjoy rebates on our Retail items and Services, including products and services on promotions.
  • Can earn points for every dollar you spent with us on our boarding and grooming services too!
  • Exclusive Perks and Discounts for higher tier members

Membership Tiers

We have 3 membership tier : Ruby , Emerald and Platinum. For more information on our membership perks, check out our membership info page.



Can I do self pick-up ?

Do drop us a message and contact us if you will like to arrange for a self pick-up at our physical outlet. We do not accomodate last minute pick-up services.

Tell me about Cat Paradise

Cat Paradise is a cat adoption centre where we help homeless cats find a loving permanent home. We also provide quality boarding and grooming services for your cattos.

What services do you all provide ?

  • Cat Boarding
    We provide comfortable, stress-free and affordable boarding experience for all our feline friends and their owners.
  • Cat Grooming
    We provide a low-stress cat only grooming service with gentle handling for all our feline friends.


What are your boarding requirements ?

  • ​​Vaccinated within the past 12 months OR;
  • In possession of a titer test for proof of vaccine antibodies
  • FIV and FeLV negative
  • Sterilised if over 8 months of age
  • Free from external & internal parasites
  • In physically good health for the past 30 days and not exhibiting any symptoms of illness OR;
  • If just recovered from an illness, a written note is provided by a licensed veterinarian declaring the cat to be free of infection
  • Cat is clean and in good physical condition, nails are clipped.
  • No displayed signs of aggression before toward strangers


* Cat Paradise Hotel reserves the right to refuse intake of any cat at check-in for any reason which may include: your cat appears sick, injured, in pain, displays aggressive behaviors, in extreme stress or puts the health and safety of any other cats and our staff at risk.

Required Documents

  • Vaccination record
  • Felv & Fiv Negative report
  • Owner's IC
  • Sterilisation record or Tipped Ears for rescued cats

Packing List

  • Clean blanket or bed
  • Their favourite toy
  • A brush
  • A pipette of Revolution for Cats or Kittens per feline guest (Or purchase from us)
  • A secure transport crate or carrier lined with sanitary sheets
  • labelled meals

Check In & Out Policy

Check-in timings from 2PM to 6PM daily

  • Cabins allocated according to the cat’s temperament. No choosing of cabins allowed. 

Check-out timings from 11AM - 1PM daily.

  • For late check-out, Cat will be housed temporarily in the carrier if all cabins are reserved. 
  • Cats not picked up by 2pm without notifying, will be charged an additional day’s boarding rate.
  • Cats not collected without prior notice to our staff 1 day before check-out will be deemed as abandoned, and a report will be made accordingly. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We offer refunds at our discretion and after deduction of any expenses already incurred by us provided you cancel your booking 30 days before the commencement of the boarding of your pet. However, we have a strict non-refundable, non-cancellation, non-amendable policy in the following situations:

  • Reservations made for the months of June, December and Chinese New Year
  • After boarding your pet, you decide to check-out your pet before the expiry of the booked boarding, regardless of the reason.

An administrative fee of 20% will be charged for any refund/cancellation